Rapid Trait Discovery

In spite of a concerted industry effort for many decades, only a small number of unique genes have been advanced into biotech crops. New genes and higher diversity are required if we want to continue to provide new tools to the farmers who are working to increase food output globally. In the area of insect and nematode control, AgBiome has surpassed the published discovery output of the entire field of research in just a few years. To date, we have identified over 3500 new potential pesticidal genes and have developed new high-throughput platforms to test and validate these leads.

Our plant transformation team is responsible for incorporating new traits into soy and corn embryos and optimizing processes to increase transformation rates. The success of this team has increased the number of screened genes from our pipeline and has improved plant survival rates in the greenhouse.

The Universe of Insecticidal Proteins


The below protein phylogeny is an example of the type of data our bioinformatics team generates to provide experimental guidance to the company.  This image color codes the proteins by type, giving our scientists a fast, visual way of looking at the number and variety of proteins we have in our collection.

color wheel of protein phylogeny