Fungal diseases destroy entire crops and spoil harvested food. AgBiome has addressed this problem by developing a unique biological fungicide, a highly effective microbe against a broad range of fungal diseases with excellent non-refrigerated shelf life.

With multiple and differing modes of action, Zio™ for turf and ornamental use, and Howler™ for specality crops, are excellent for integrated pest management programs as part of a resistance management toolkit for growers. Zio™ is marketed for the turf and ornamental industry by SePro while AgBiome Innovations will market Howler™ for specialty crops.

Zio™/Howler™ bacterial cells (blue) attacking Phakopsora pachyrhizi spore (brown) on soybean leaf surface (green)

Zio™ and Howler™ kill soilborne and foliar fungal diseases and can be used in every production phase including greenhouse, planting, early plants, maturing plants, harvest and post harvest.  Both Zio™ and Howler™ are applied with existing equipment on location and are effective at low application rates.

Strawberries inoculated with Botrytis. Treated with Howler™ pictured on the right.

OMRI-listed for use in certified organic production.

Contact SePro on how to purchase Zio™, registered by the EPA, for your turf and ornamental needs.

Contact AgBiome for more information on Howler, EPA registered for specialty crops.