Mark Roberts

Mark_RobertsMark Roberts received his undergraduate training at the University of North Dakota in Biological/Physical Science. He taught high school science and math in Maine and Minnesota. He went back to school and received his Master degree in microbiology at the University of Minnesota, Mankato branch. He went on to complete is doctoral training at the University of Idaho and received his PhD in microbiology. He became interested in biological control of plant pathogens while at Idaho and worked part-time for Innovative BioSystems, Inc., where he was instrumental in research but especially large-scale production of a Streptomyces strain which later was commercialized under the trade-name Actinovate™ and Actino-iron™. Mark moved to Houston to build-out research and production facilities for the licensee of Actinovate™, Natural Industries. Mark was R & D director and production manager for Natural Industries and later Novozymes who acquired the company in 2012. He accepted a position at AgBiome in 2014 and is part of the team responsible for research in formulation, characterization, and scale-up of biological control microorganisms. He is married to Melissa and has two older children, Joe and Anna, and a younger son, Wesley who occupies most of his free time. His hobbies include fly-fishing, surf kayaking and camping/backpacking, which he hopes to spend a lot more time on at some point.