Redefining AgriCulture

AgBiome aims to be the most successful agricultural innovator ever.  We measure reaching this goal in three ways:

  • Most products
    • We are driven by the higher purpose of enhancing food production for a growing human population. We will discover the most novel trait and biological products of any company.
  • Happiest employees
    • We create an environment where people naturally motivated t
      o strive for mastery have access to everything they need to achieve their goals and the company’s goals (which have a high degree of overlap).
  • Highest financial returns
    • This follows naturally from achieving the first two.

We do not have a fixed organizational structure or traditional supervisory relationships.  We self-assemble around problems to be solved.  We function within a set of formal processes that we continuously refine.

Experts make decisions.  We do not push decision-making to the top of an arbitrary pyramidal hierarchy.  The people best-placed to make a decision are expected to do so.  They are also expected to consult with anyone whom their decision affects and pay special attention to advice from experienced colleagues.

Hiring is the most important thing we do.  We interview only qualified  candidates who have passed extensive reference checks.  Multiple  interviews have the sole purpose of judging whether a job candidate is  likely to thrive within our culture and whether we will feel comfortable  trusting them as colleagues.  Anyone who will work directly with a  candidate can veto the hiring of that candidate.

Every important piece of information in the company is shared among all  of our employees.

Employee-led committees run every one of our functions, including compensation, job performance and advancement, benefits, business development, and finance.

We don’t do individual performance evaluations.  We also don’t provide individual bonus compensation tied to achievement of individual objectives.  Although evaluation and compensation schemes of this type can be effective for jobs comprised of performing relatively simple tasks, we believe they are counterproductive for people engaged in highly complex tasks with uncertain outcomes.

Rather than fostering internal competition among our employees, we believe that the relevant competitive unit is our company vs. the rest of our industry.  We put a high value on teamwork, and understand that our success requires it.

We believe that conflict is a natural part of any dynamic work environment.  Addressing and resolving conflicts transparently leads to better relationships, better processes, and better outcomes.

We provide extensive training opportunities for our employees, and support any reasonable request to increase individual knowledge or capabilities that supports the company’s goals.