Do you want to be part of a truly revolutionary effort to understand and apply plant microbiomes to improve agriculture and help feed the world? AgBiome, a biotech startup located in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, is looking for scientific leaders to help us carry out discovery of biologicals and traits on a scale never before attempted. We are growing scientific, business, and cultural systems to reach our aim of being the most successful agricultural innovator ever. AgBiome’s organization is based on shared commitment and coupling responsibility to expertise, creating a flexible, collaborative environment for a uniquely productive and enjoyable work experience.  Our culture looks and feels casual but is built on scientific rigor and well-elaborated processes.

We are always looking for people who will not only thrive but will help the company excel. We encourage and reward flexibility and enthusiasm for learning new roles. We interview only highly qualified candidates who pass multiple reference checks. If you are interested in a career with us, please apply online using the links below.

  • Media Preparation and Glassware Maintenance

    We are looking for a unique individual to take on some of the most important tasks in the lab!  If you are reliable, curious and ready to really make an impact in agricultural biotech, you may be the person we are looking for.  You will be preparing media and solutions, washing dishes, and possibly helping with some tasks in the lab and greenhouse.   Of course, you will be doing all of this with a big smile and a great attitude!   We are a startup company, so there is plenty of room to learn new skills—the sky is the limit for you, but you will start at the ground level.

    Skills and Qualifications:  You should have experience making media, solutions, washing dishes and pouring Petri dishes, or a huge desire to start doing these things and a credible story to catch our interest.  Attention to detail is absolutely crucial, and overall enthusiasm and willingness to learn new skills should be abundantly evident.  You will be part of a high-performance scientific team, so good communications skills are crucial (we know everyone says that, but we really mean it).  A high school diploma or college degree is required; understanding of basic chemistry and sterile technique would be a huge help.  You must have reasonable math skills and be comfortable working in a biology laboratory.

    Please include a brief explanation of why you are interested in this position.


  • Research and Development Leader

    AgBiome is searching for experienced leaders with passion for and expertise in the following disciplines:


      • Biochemistry
      • Bioinformatics
      • Entomology
      • Fermentation
      • Nematology
      • Microbiology
      • Molecular biology
      • Plant pathology


    Candidates must have the ability to effectively:

      • Lead scientific teams to reach product goals, including planning of project-specific objectives, estimating resource needs and optimizing platforms.
      • Work within multiple teams to outline priorities and allocate resources to projects.
      • Understand and communicate how the details of their discipline contribute to AgBiome’s strategic business plans.
      • Uncover and resolve issues associated with project progress, ranging from experimental details to inter-team communication.
      • Resolve conflicts and live comfortably within the dynamic atmosphere inherent in our unique culture.
      • Communicate complex ideas to various audiences, especially scientists, partners and potentially investors.
      • Act as the point person for specific external partnerships.
      • Formulate IP tactics to protect proprietary projects/products.
      • Lend expertise to critical internal committees, including advancement and job performance, recruiting and hiring, compensation, communication and benefits.
      • Actively recruit, hire, and train employees.
      • Desire to work and train others at the bench.
      • Write scientific papers.


    Enthusiastic applicants should please submit a cover letter and CV detailing why they would be a good fit for the position and how they could contribute to the AgBiome team. Applications without a cover letter will not be considered.