• Screening Manager

    The Screening Manager will work with all of the laboratory teams at AgBiome that are involved in screening our microbial collection for new active strains and genes.  In this capacity, the Screening Manager will be expected to coordinate strain growth and extract production and deliver high-quality and reproducible materials to insect, nematode, and disease screening teams.  He or she will also be expected to work with all of the screening teams to coordinate data collection, improve statistical and other measures of data assessment, and provide summaries and interpretations of screening data in conjunction with the screening teams.  Expertise in coordinating teams of scientists and an intense focus on both pipeline productivity and research and assay quality are essential.  Team leadership, scientific and interpersonal communication skills, and a desire to achieve excellence in research are also critical.


    Ph.D. in biological sciences or equivalent experience.  7+ years experience in a discovery biology environment.  Experience with screening and interdisciplinary teams.  Experience summarizing and presenting complex data.  The ideal candidate will have a background in entomology, nematology, microbiology, or plant diseases.

    AgBiome is a startup company in RTP, NC committed to early stage research and discovery for agriculture.  This includes exploring the crop microbiome to identify products that reduce risk and improve yield.

    Application Deadline:  Open Until Filled

    AgBiome is an Equal Opportunity Employer



  • Fermentation Scientist

    The Fermentation Scientist will develop and optimize fermentation processes for novel biological pest and disease control products that are identified from our microbe collection.  He or she will work with the screening team to identify and isolate bacteria and fungi with activity against target pests, develop upstream and downstream fermentation processes for economical production of these microbes at the lab scale, and assist with scale-up of production as needed for registration and field trials. Statistical design of experiments, data collection and analysis, and coordination with teams of scientists will be required.  He or she will also work with CROs to generate data packages for registrations of biological products and work with regulatory consultants to create registration submission packages.


    An advanced degree in fermentation microbiology, biochemical engineering or the equivalent is required. Work experience should include 5+ years at the PhD level, or 7+ years at the M.S. level, in a discovery research environment. Experience with interdisciplinary teams and with presenting complex data to diverse audiences is critical.

    An intense focus on both productivity and research quality is essential.  Team leadership, interpersonal and scientific communication skills, and a desire to achieve excellence in research are equally important.  Flexibility and willingness to take on a variety of roles in a small company, a good sense of humor, and a wild enthusiasm for growing cool stuff in big tanks are also really necessary.


    AgBiome is a startup company in Research Triangle Park, NC, committed to early stage research and discovery for agriculture. We are exploring the crop microbiome to identify products that decrease risk and improve yield.  Apply via our website at, or email your CV and cover letter to



  • Molecular Biologist/Biochemist

    AgBiome is harvesting the plant microbiome to discover traits and biologicals that benefit plant health.  So what is that “thing” in each of our active microbes that’s responsible for the plant-benefiting effects we’re discovering?  Is it a protein?  Which protein is it?  That’s where you come into the picture:  We are looking for a trustworthy genius to join our growing team of molecular biologists, biochemists, fungal pathologists, bioinformatics nerds, nematologists and entomologists to tackle these (and other) questions.  Essential skills that will help you succeed in this position include a few (3-5) years of hands-on experience with subcloning/vectoring, protein purification (affinity purification for sure, but native purification experience is a big bonus) and protein analysis.  Coomassie blue should be your favorite color, and nothing in life should bring you more joy than seeing a single fat band on a gel at the end of a purification. Flexibility and willingness to take on a variety of roles in a small company and wild enthusiasm for doing new stuff is necessary too.  ​We are currently hiring for a number of positions, and we will consider candidates of various education and experience levels to best complement all the pieces in our expanding team.  In addition to your CV, please also submit a cover letter explaining your interest in the position and the relevance of your experience.


  • Media Preparation and Glassware Maintenance

    We are looking for a unique individual to take on some of the most important tasks in the lab!  If you are reliable, curious and ready to really make an impact in agricultural biotech, you may be the person we are looking for.  You will be preparing media and solutions, washing dishes, and possibly helping with some tasks in the lab and greenhouse.   Of course, you will be doing all of this with a big smile and a great attitude!   We are a startup company, so there is plenty of room to learn new skills—the sky is the limit for you, but you will start at the ground level.

    Skills and Qualifications:  You should have experience making media, solutions, washing dishes and pouring Petri dishes, or a huge desire to start doing these things and a credible story to catch our interest.  Attention to detail is absolutely crucial, and overall enthusiasm and willingness to learn new skills should be abundantly evident.  You will be part of a high-performance scientific team, so good communications skills are crucial (we know everyone says that, but we really mean it).  A high school diploma or college degree is required; understanding of basic chemistry and sterile technique would be a huge help.  You must have reasonable math skills and be comfortable working in a biology laboratory.

    Please include a brief explanation of why you are interested in this position.